§        "Hey Jackie! Hope you are well! I just wanted to write you a quick message and say how great your blog is! I am due in March and get so excited every time you post. Your kids are beautiful! And your blog is great! Thanks so much!" – Carolyn

§        "Thank you so much for your help... I was thinking of doing baby wise and then your blog made me actually do it. Thank you!! PS - Emmy literally went down today for 2 naps with 1 minute of fuss and went down tonight with no crying at all, she was wide awake when I put her down and then instantly asleep when I checked the monitor. It's literally amazing.... I'm trying not to be too excited haha, but I'm so proud of her. thank YOU for giving me the support to finally do it" – Aarika

§        "I've been reading your blog and implementing it! Well, as of last night. Thanks! I did babywise with my others but am SO thankful for this refresher and twin focus!"- Jill

§        "Thanks, that's an awesome at a glance synopsis!"- Andrea

§        "I am so glad I saw this! I'm due in less than 2 weeks and this may be my new favorite blog! "- Sarah

§        " Love that! Printing for baby 3, arriving in 15weeks! Thanks!!"- Chelsea
§        "Thank you!!!! My husband thanks you too!!!"- Rhiannon

§        "THANK YOU! I have 7 week old twins and trying to figure it all out! really excited to check out your blog! I am devouring your blog now!"- Jill

§        "Awesome resource, thanks so much or sharing and posting!!!"- Breanne

pregnant with Chatham!
pregnant with the twins!


  1. Love reading and implementing all of your tips and tricks w/ Ava. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and relaying your optimism when it comes to the trials and errors of managing the kiddos. The best lesson I've learned from you is to stay positive and keep moving forward with whatever it is you are trying to teach your kids (or do for yourselfe). Not getting frustrated is half the battle. Happy Mommy, happy babies - this you do so well Jackie!

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