Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Get Your Baby to Nap Longer

One of the most common stressors of having a baby is when they won't nap. One of the most common questions and requests I get is "how do I get my baby to nap or nap longer?" Many times you are able to get your baby to sleep and then a short while later, they are up again, usually crying.

You're not the only one! This is a super common scenario with most babies. I'm sure if you have done any research, talked to your pediatrician, or even looked online or at a baby book, you have heard about REM cycles. Typically what happens is about 30-50 minutes into a nap, a new cycle starts which causes your baby or child to wake up. They haven't learned yet to stay right back in the cycle.

Today, I'll share with you my common tips that help soothe your baby into the next cycle and have them (hopefully) napping great in no time!

1. Routine- I've said in many posts before, but having a routine is so important. Think about it: the second we don't have a phone or what or person to tell us what time it is, we are out of sorts. Other then if it is a dark or light outside and what we are doing with them, our children have absolutely no idea what time of day it is. It's human nature to crave a routine or schedule, and therefore, the babies and children who are on one, generally sleep better. It is a pain in the butt to stay to the routine, I can remember countless days, staying in, missing out on fun things because I needed my twins to stay on their schedule. But it's worth it! It gives them a sense of order in their lives and therefore, reduces anxiousness and helps prepare them for whats coming next in the day. Even at the youngest of ages! So, set a nap time and bed time routine. Shut off the lights, sing them a song, give a bath, play the same white noise or sound machine... all cue-ing them- TIME FOR BED!

2. Sound Machine- If you are someone who travels with your baby, like us, I have found this to be really important. It is one of the only things I can bring with me to someone's house to make my babies feel comofrtable and let them know its okay to go to sleep now. They're relatively cheap and they drown out any outside noise. They also become part of the routine you're setting. I use this sound machine with the twins and this sleep sheep with Chatham. And I bring them both with me whenever they will be sleeping elsewhere.

3. Pacifier- I've learned that there are different ways to help your child go to sleep with a pacifier as they grow. When they are still young and being swaddled, use the blanket to keep the pacifier int he mouth, I have a video here of how I did it. Now that Chatham's not in any swaddle, I give her a bottle** and pacifier to go to bed, she goes in with the bottle, I place a blanket on her side and up around her cheek, and I hand her a pacifier. (my mom told me she used to do this with us, I tried it, and now it's Chatham's fave way to go to bed). When they get a little bit older and aren't in a swaddle, place 1-2 (or 3-4 haha) pacifiers in the crib, so if they need to find one in the middle of their sleep, it's there.

4. Shooshing- If you hear your baby start to stir, and you feel comfortable going in their room without it causing major problems, you can go in and shoosh them, sometimes the whir of the word and the comfort of a prent's voice lulls them back into sleep.

5. Patting or Placing a Hand- Each of my kids is different, but I've learned what worked with each of them, when they were really little and still sleeping on their back, I would still try and pat their bottom but on the side, almost like their hip, it still got the job done and the patting helped them fall back asleep. Once they were rolling and sleeping on their stomachs, I would sometimes pat their butt if I saw them stir or wake up. The other thing you can try if you see your baby stirring is just placing your hand on their backto just clam them.

**Just want to clarify for Babywise lovers, I would never have put my twins down with a bottle, it was strictly against BW rules, but since having my 3rd, I've come to learn to do what works. I feel comfortable giving her a bottle to go to bed, just as long as I know it's not a crutch or that she isn't able to sleep without one.

So, now that I've given you my tips, Ill just walk you through what I do if my little babe wakes up in the middle of a nap, I listen. Is she just making noise and stirring and able to put herself back to sleep. Most of the time, yes, so I just leave her. Sometimes up to 10-15 minutes if I know she's just crying a bit because she's annoyed she woke up. If she's still screaming or if now she's sitting up and talking and I just know she's not going to go back to bed, I go in. I leave all the lights of, I don't talk to her, I immediately press the sleep sheep to signal her- "you're not getting up yet." I hand her a pacifier, place her either on her side with her blanket or on her stomach. I then pat her bottom and say sh-sh-sh. I do this for a few minutes. Most times, she's not asleep, just calmed down. Then I leave and sometimes she'll cry again after I elave, but then falls back asleep. Also, if she's worked herself up in a huge cry, of course, I pick her up and rock her in my arms a bit until she's calmed down, then go through the same steps in her crib.

If you are consistent with this, the amount of times you have to go back in the room, become less and less. Chatham wakes up randomly from her naps now, maybe like once every 2-3 weeks and almost always sleeps through the night. She mostly only wakes up for a diaper change.

You can do it! It's worth the work you put into it.

Hope this helps! Let me know if any of these tips work you! Also, I'd love to hear what's works for you or what steps you take to help your baby nap longer!


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