Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Make your Pictures Look Professional

I'm literally terrible at taking pictures. I have a Nikon DSLR- no idea how to work it other than to put it onto Auto (lame). So, I've resorted to my iPhone and now I just snap away and then fix them afterwards with AMAZING apps I found!! So, I'll share with you my *secrets* and by secrets, I mean the directions in how to use the app, haha.

Step 1. Take a picture. Open your blinds anytime when the sun is out (now is perfect if you have a lot of snow- I've found the light is even brighter & better). Best scenario: light is behind you/baby in front of you

2. AfterFocus- I believe this app is like $1.99. You upload your photo with it and then mark with your finger in white (focus) the area to focus and in black (background) the area to blur. You can also adjust the edges (feathering) and adjust how blurry you want the background to be. 

3. Photoshop Express (PS Express)- I'm pretty sure this app is free, but the package you need is $4.99. Now, upload picture you just blurred from AfterFocus and click on the Reduce Noise feature. Use that sliding scale to gauge how much noise you want reduced. No idea WHAT that means, but it makes it look beautiful and professional, ha.

4. Share it with everyone to see how great you are at taking pictures. Or, like me, you just know how to spend money on apps.

Lastly- recently I found a new app called WaterLogue- it's $2.99. It takes your pictures and makes them look like a water color. What I've learned is- use pictures that do not have a human face staring right into the lens- it turns out very creepy. Landscapes, flowers, pictures of the nursery, or side of face shots come out great. AMAZING gift idea to have it printed and framed! Hello Valentine's Day gift! 


  1. Um I am a little in love with your blog. I feel like it's everything I've researched and come to love about raising a baby! Just last night I was reading it and I told my husband you made having twins looks easy and fun and I hope round two we have twins because with a schedule I think I could handle it. Haha I'm sure I would be singing a different tune after they were born, but anyway I just love the advice and good things you have to say. Keep writing!

    1. Jamie- thanks so much! In our house, having twins is THE best! I really feel lucky you be a part of their special relationship. Thanks for reading!

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