Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips!

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you 5 of the top breastfeeding tips I've learned along the way!

Like I said in the video, I will summarize them on here just in case you're in a public place and don't want a breastfeeding tips video playing in public, ha ha.And no need to worry- I am not breastfeeding or showing any skin in the video! {in fact, sadly, we are done breastfeeding already, more on that later!}

1. The "Ready Kit"- gather together your essentials before sitting down to bond and feed your baby. My Ready Kit including the boppy, a tall drink, my iPhone, the remote, & a magazine. This way, you minimize the reasons why you would have to get up in the middle of a feed. As I write this, I can literally picture myself, Chatham still attached on the boppy, running after Hudson who was about to throw something in the toilet. So, there may be reasons why you do have to get up, but try and minimize them with your Ready Kit. 

2. The "Hamburger Hold"- this was THE best advice I have ever been given (or read) and it was in the hospital the day after Chatham was born. A nurse came in, saw me struggling, and told me to try the hamburger hold. You squish you breast down like a hamburger, forcing the nipple to protrude out, and then you take your nipple and rub it down your baby's nose {see why you wouldn't want to watch this video in public!}. This will cause her, through a reflex, to open her mouth wide and you can then put your nipple and as much of the areola around it into her mouth. It's easy to check if you've done it correctly- look down- if your babe is just tugging on your nipple, break the latch and start again. You want her to have a wider mouth while sucking on more of the areola/nipple.

3. How to tell when your baby is full- Because the twins were preemies, we had to be extremely diligent about how many ounces they ate, so when I began to breastfeed Chatham, I felt a little out of control not knowing how much she was getting. The advice I seemed to keep getting was check the wet and dirty diapers and if they fall asleep, they're usually full. So, the wet and dirty diaper amounts matched up with the guidelines but I felt like Chatham could fall asleep within 4 minutes of getting her latched on and feeding- there was no way she was full! So, I researched it, and learned with her help. I found that when she was hungry, her body was tighter- her fists, her legs, even her forehead. And as the feed went on and she got fuller, her body got softer. So look for soft, open hands, a relaxed forehead, open body posture. 

4. Pumping- even if your plan is to exclusive breastfeed, invest in a pump (I bought Tommee Tippee and ended up switching to Medela). In the video, I mentioned why you would want to do this- for confidence & for a future social life!

5. Avoiding thrush! I had never heard of thrush until I got it! It's terrible and takes forever to go away. So, an easy way to avoid is is to not overdose use too much lanolin. If you do put it on, try to skip the bra until it dries. Otherwise just use it 1-2 times a day. The moistness from the lanolin mixed with the dark, warm area creates yeast growth! 

So- check out the video and comment below with any questions you might have!
skin to skin with Hudson- a great way
to increase milk supply & also can be used
to stimulate milk while pumping
with a preemie

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  1. I used coconut oil for my nipples while feeding and pumping. It worked wonders and it is great for your baby.

    1. Ugh I wish I knew about coconut oil then! Thanks so much for your comment. I will absolutely tell people to check the coconut oil out! {and I've heard of other great uses for it too!}

    2. Me too! And it is an anti-fungal!

  2. #3... with our little guy, he would feed until he relaxed but he wasn't putting on weight fast enough. We finally discovered it was a tongue tie. (The pain and effort of nursing would exhaust him, even though he wasn't full.) If things aren't going well but you seem to be doing everything right, see a pediatric dentist! (Lactation consultants missed it THREE different times.)

  3. I can so relate to nursing a baby on the boppy and running around behind a toddler at the same time!! I am breastfeeding my fifth now, and trying to get him to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. He is seven months old...wonder if anyone else has had this issue and solved it by doing something besides supplementing with formula?

    1. I am so happy when I see articles like this one! When I was pregnant for the first time I was sure I wanted to breastfeed and I didn't think I need to prepare for it. Now I know that it is so not true! I had problems, my daughter didn't want to suck and I failed :( I gave her a bottle and she didn't want to eat my milk. When I was pregnant with my second daughter I knew I need to be prepared for this task. My dear friend told me about Susan Urban's guide "How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy" ( ). She said it is great because she knew exactly what to do when she had problems. She told me that I should read it so I did. And she was right! This guide is awesome! Helped me so much with breastfeeding. I was confident and knew how to deal with problems. Every new mom or mom to be should read it. Such a great help!

    2. It is soooo worth to read other people experience! I was looking something good to read about breastfeeding and after reading Urban's guide I wanted to give you some feedback :) The guide in my opinion is very VERY good! It contains all the information I needed to know - I have no more questions and I feel like I know everything. Thanks for sharing!

    3. This guide is good! I compared it to a few books that I have about breastfeeding and "How to make breastfeeding pleasant and easy" is surely the best so far!

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