Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mommy Must Haves

As a new mom, it's pretty quick to see what products are going to be your go-to's, your every once in a while's, and your I never even used that's. So,I'm sharing with you what I learned were my must-have, can't live without products. And I'm attaching the links on where you can get them below!

Mommy Must Haves

1. BathLuve Washcloth $17- This washcloth perfectly covers the part of your baby's body that's not submerged in water and makes bath time so much more enjoyable! Check out how it works here!

2. Pacifier $4 & Clip $5- Check out my swaddling video for how I use the clip to keep the pacifier in my babe's mouth when swaddled.

3. Snap & Go $66- I know part of completing your registry is picking out the perfect stroller system, but when you have a baby in your arms- you want the lightest and most easy to fold stroller that you can get in & out of the trunk yourself. It's really durable and has a basket underneath for storage!

4. Diaper Genie $33- I know people either love or hate the Diaper Genie- I love it and still use it everyday. It's especially convenient in the middle of the night!

5. Woombie $26- I'm such a big believer!  As soon as our babies were able to get out of the blanket swaddle- into the woombie they went. They fussed at first but over a few days, they heard the sound of the zipper and got tired! It's amazing and fool proof!

6. Rock n Play $50- We used this in replace of a bassinet. The shape of it kept the babies feeling secure and you are able to rock it with your foot while you're watching TV (or in my case- feeding baby 2 or 3)!


  1. Jackie, do you think I need 2 rock n plays for my twins? or am I okay with 1 swing and 1 RnPlay? I have a pack n play, but am overwhelmed with the options.

  2. I would get one swing, 2 rock n plays!

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