Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why is my baby crying?

Thanks so much for all the great messages about the post yesterday on How to Teach your Baby to Fall Asleep! A few of you had the same question regarding the sound difference between a fussy cry and a need cry. With my twins for some reason it was innate for me to be able to tell their cries. It could be because they were born early and I spent so much time with them in the NICU that as they were learning their cries- I was learning them. But it was different when Chatham was born- I was having a harder time determining why she was crying. My sister, Kara, has a 2 year old and told me about a baby language show she had seen on Oprah.
In the NICU with Yardley & Hudson


The OCD teacher in me scoured the internet to try and find this baby language that she was talking about. And I found Priscilla Dunstan. She was born with a photographic memory for sounds. When her son was born, she used this ability to determine why her baby was crying. The YouTube videos I watched were of her on the Oprah Show. And then I went on to her website and learned even more about it.

The videos can explain WAY more in depth then I would ever be able to- but I will tell you, it's absolutely astounding how dead-on she is with the sounds. So, check out the links below to learn how to tell the difference between your baby's cries and learn their 'baby language.'

Priscilla on Oprah 

Dunstan Baby Language

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  1. Really useful post. Thank you for sharing this info. (31 wks, twin b/g on the way :)

  2. Barbie girl- you are in for the most amazing time!!! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is to watch the twins interact!!! Good luck!

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